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Save Time and Money with Business Book Summaries

In today's age of information overload, it's extremely difficult to find the time and energy to read the important business books published each week.  Yet, how can you truly stay up with the play if you aren't reading the latest releases? Somewhere in the latest books being published might be the vital information you need to grow your business or further your career.

To help you be aware of the essential knowledge you need, the International Achievement Institute is partnering with BizBriefings.Com to bring you 8-page executive summaries of the best new business books being published today. These book summaries allow you to read the key points and arguments being made by business authors, analysts and journalists without spending the time and money it takes to read their entire books.

Business book summaries:
Cut through all the noise and reduces information overload
Are efficient and affordable --- much cheaper than buying individual books and reading them
Provide new ideas and hands-on access to the knowledge you need to respond to business conditions
Are highly cost-effective --- summaries can literally pay for themselves in time saved
Bring everything you need together into one subscription investment rather than stacks of books to read
In a nutshell, we do your business reading for you, separate the essential knowledge you need from all the usual filler information and then keep you up to date with the latest ideas being published in the business press month-to-month. With business book summaries from the International Achievement Institute, you'll be well armed -- with the best concepts, ideas and strategies available. Delivery is quick, and you can read each summary online or print your own copy of it.
The end result? You'll stay current and have more time to act on the ideas rather than trying to read about them.

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